Why Mint?

Mint fills a big hole in the Detroit cultural scene, which has many youth organizations focused on dance, music, theater, stories and poetry. Until now, none concentrated on visual arts or creatively taught business and career skills to creative young people. With Mint’s fresh entrepreneurial focus, we intend to thrive and add to the economic success stories that are gaining momentum in Detroit.

Why are we called Mint?

We chose Mint because it's such a fresh, growth oriented name (and we enjoy mint tea at many of our events).

Mint is Fresh

Mint really is named after the fragrant, fresh herb - in part because it grows and grows. Our emerging artists need growth and persistence. Mint also was held in high regard in Ancient Greece and Europe, and some considered it a benign magic.

Mint is about Earning

Mint also is named for the large amount of money or gold held in "The Mint" -  because we want artists to earn a good living.  For many gigs and projects, we pay our emerging artists, and teach them to value their creativity and time.

MI is for Michigan

With its initial two letters, Mint also hints that we are from Michigan, a creative, entrepreneurial and beautiful state.


Want more answers about Mint? We have lots of them in our FAQ pages!  Read some today.

So hire us or partner with us now and let’s grow together.