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Artists, paint a path or a plan to achieve your goals.

Or create a visual representation of your goals, a vision board or something else.

Artists, set goals for new skills, for galleries in your favorite city carrying your work, or for major commission contracts.

Mint Artists’ new workshop Creative Goal Setting and Goal Getting will give inspirational and practical advice on achieving intentions and developing great habits around goals.  Our presenters are:

 + Marvalisa Coley, an artist, doll maker and woman who knows how to develop creative pieces and projects. She uses goals in her creative practice.  

 + Pamela Hilliard-Owens, a former teacher who now runs three Detroit companies in marketing and publishing. She serves on Mint’s board of directors.

 + Trinity Brown, a Mint artist who taught herself to make jewelry while recovering from a back injury and sets sales and other goals for herself.

 + Vickie Elmer, writer and editor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Mint Artists Guild.  She believes in good goals – sometimes one is enough – and the power of serendipity. She serves as Mint’s executive director and board president.

For the first time, a few slots are available to teen artists, musicians and creatives who are not affiliated with Mint.  Emerging artists and creatives ages 13 to 18 may attend the Mint workshop on Tuesday, Dec. 6 from 5 to 8 pm. The workshop will be held along Livernois in Detroit. Cost is $5; free for Mint Artists and advance registration is required.  

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