Mint Artists: Success data 2016

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Mint experienced a lot of growth and considerable success in 2016. Here’s our by the numbers look at our first full year as a nonprofit in Detroit:

   4 Young people paid for creative summer jobs

   5 Creative business and careers workshops staged by Mint Artists

   9  Young creatives who landed and/or worked gigs through Mint

 10 Pop ups, events and venues where Mint Artists work appeared

 19 Paint Detroit with Generosity and other paintings donated to local nonprofits

 25 Paintings, prints and photographs on display at the GM Tech Center, and one mural dubbed a “pixel paper painting” created (pictured above)

 37 Volunteers who contributed time to Mint, its events or workshops

 115 People who signed up to receive Mint e-letters

 425  Artists and students who learned about creative careers through Mint

2,271 Dollars raised in spring crowdfunding campaign

4,400  Dollars earned by Mint Artists for summer jobs, gigs or projects

And we’re just getting started. We expect to keep growing in 2017, with your help and support as a donor, a volunteer or a patron who buys art or creative services from Mint and its artists.

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