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College artist apply to sell at the Ann Arbor Art Fair /PHOTO


The Ann Arbor Art Fair is one of the giants in the business – and brings more than 1,100 artists in at least five different fairs from Main Street to the University of Michigan main campus.

One program called New Art / New Artists offers assistance to college artists who want to show and sell their work.

The program was developed by the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, and is free to college artists selected.

Deadline to apply is April 5, and applications are made on Zapplication.  Then a jury will select about six to eight artists. We want more of them to hail from Detroit this year.

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Apply for summer creative jobs in Detroit

Mint’s summer jobs team in 2016.


Mint Artists Guild hopes to hire more young artists to paint and create original work this summer. If we raise a few thousand dollars to support the summer creative jobs program, the young people – ages 16 to 20 – will be hired through Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, the city’s summer jobs program. Young people must live in the city of Detroit.

Deadline to apply is March 31 – and after applying, please let us know you’re interested in Mint!  (Drop a note to and tell us why you’re interested and what kind of art you make.)

Shown here are the 2016 summer jobs crew: Jaiona Head, Tulani Pryor, Johanan Larsosa and Alexis Bagley.

They created 19 paintings that Mint donated to local nonprofits through our Paint Detroit with Generosity campaign, including one that Alexis Bagley painted that’s in Mack Alive! permanent collection.