This sounds amazing. How can I support Mint?

We accept donations via check, or credit card, especially at our events, and online at Donorbox.

If your employer has a charity matching gift program, we’d love to double up – and are glad to handle some of the paperwork to make that happen.

We also need introductions to foundations that could support Mint and art collectors who will want to buy our “fresh art from Detroit teens.” And we  need a variety of supplies and equipment as Mint grows, from canvases to a scanner to blank or one-color silk ties (for a project we hope to launch in 2017).  Contact Vickie if you’d like to coordinate an art supply drive for Mint.

Where can I see and buy your art?

We are starting to sell a few pieces online. ((LINK shop page))   At some point we really want to run an art space and gallery, though our initial efforts fell through.

So to meet our artists and see a greater variety of their art, Mint is in the Palmer Park Art Fair in May, the Belle Isle Art Fair in August and often in the Funky Ferndale Art Fair in September. In addition, we share work on Instagram and Facebook and at a few pop ups.  Stay in touch with our upcoming events by signing up for our monthly e-letter.

My organization needs the copyright and all rights to the work we commission. How does that work?

In many cases, we can arrange this – though of course acquiring all rights comes at a higher cost. We work with graphic designers and photographers as well as painters and drawing artists so there are many options.  Let’s discuss the details of your needs and make some fresh art work.

Who owns the art Mint shows at various events?

The answer to this is: It depends on the circumstances and the art.  Sometimes it belongs to the young people who created it at home or at school (on their own time). Other times it belongs to Mint, either created in our summer creative jobs program or donated as the “price of admission.”

We take ownership seriously. We are careful to spell this out before every assignment, whether it’s live painting, a mural, a summer job or something else.  It depends also on who paid for the art supplies and artist time and talents. For our summer creative career program, Mint owns the work and the copyright and grants the youth the chance to show their work in a portfolio or public exhibit.  At the art fairs, most of the work belongs to the young ‘learn and earn’ artists – until someone buys it from them.

What’s next for Mint Artists?

We want to add new workshops for our young artists, and one that will be open to all artists. We are seeking funding for a new program to pair artists in their teens with those in their 70s and 80s – and create a mentorship and collaborative creative work program that will culminate with videos and an exhibit.  And we are discussing the possibility of a Mint teen artists gallery in Detroit.

And what’s the return on investment if I contribute to Mint or put the art in my company offices?


Where else can I learn more about Mint?

Please come out to one of our events and chat with us. Or check out our video on YouTube and also our array of social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest 

I want to buy some of your art. Will I get a tax deduction when I take it home?

No, it is an investment in a beautiful or creative work but it is valued at an appropriate level. If you care to make a tax-deductible donation to Mint, you could write a separate check or donate online.

What roles are available for volunteering with Mint?

Mint welcomes volunteers for a rainbow of volunteer activities from planning and executing a business of art workshop to helping to sell youth art at a pop up or art fair. We also are looking for people to join our advisory board and board of directors in November or December.

Specific volunteer needs include marketing and public relations director, people to join a fundraising committee, a volunteer coordinator,  someone to develop a corporate art sales and leasing program – and others that are posted on VolunteerMatch.

We hold volunteer orientations occasionally. The next one will be held in June.