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Who are the teens in your program?

They are a diverse group of youth of many backgrounds and ethnicities, joined by a love of art and creativity. Many are from Detroit but they also come from Ann Arbor, Shelby Township and other suburbs. They start with a proficiency in art and a zeal to learn more about creative careers and to sell their work.

Mint recruits in several Detroit Public Schools high schools – and has artists who attend Cass Tech, Renaissance, Detroit School of Arts and Western International. Our teens attend those schools as well as Henry Ford Academy, Community High School in Ann Arbor, Ferndale High School and several private or charter schools.

For our summer jobs program, we partner with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent and hire a wider variety of youth including some who are in college. They also must have creative talent and a desire to make creative work that goes to local nonprofits and our pop ups.