Free art, coloring, community and more at our Paint Detroit with Generosity exhibit

Join us for a wide variety of activities and generosity during our Paint Detroit with Generosity exhibit at the MSU – Detroit Center.

Join us in August – a very art-filled month

Join Mint at two very artsy events in August, including a garden party fundraiser hosted by artist / arts patron Ellen Stone, whose painting is shown.

A window into stolen art and artifacts, and art forgeries

Criminals steal art and sell fake art frequently, and crimes may take years to solve.

Creating connections and more sales: Valuable add ons for emerging artists

    Artists need more than paint and canvas to make an exceptional impression when they hand over their art to a buyer. A business card won’t do it, and bubble wrap or a protective sleeve is just an appetizer for really showing you care for your art and your art collectors.  That said, really beautiful wrapping of your art …

Don’t miss out! Awesome art, one evening only

This painting by Hughie Lee Smith is part of the eclectic, international collection of attorney Jerome Watson and Judge Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford.

Don’t miss out. The art in our hosts home goes on and on. But Mint Masterpieces is one evening only, Oct. 19.

How collectors choose the emerging artists they buy

Five pieces of advice from art advisors and experts for collectors who seek emerging artists’ work.

Advice from a major Italian art collector

Emerging artists need this smart advice from an internationally known art collector in Italy.