Creative Services


Hire creative youth. Liven up your events or office. Launch creative careers.

Mint teen artists learn, create and innovate an eclectic array of creative products and services for clients – from startups to General Motors to well-known nonprofit organizations. The teens collaborate with professionals and creative on fine art and design services – from posters to mosaics and engaging art activities at events.

Among the services we already have provided for clients are:

Caricatures at a fundraiser
Live painting
Digital visual note taking
Custom painting to reward a sponsor

STEAM art activities and engagement

Creative family arts and crafts
Community interactive art making
Pixel paper painting (collaborative activity)
Custom coloring pages

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Mint led art activities, including pixel paper painting, at GM’s youth STEAM Day.

 Lease or Commission   Artwork for Your Workplace

Mint offers art leasing and Fabulous Art in Businesses (FAB) to inject youth energy and creativity into workplaces and small businesses. We work with you to choose art that suits your style and needs – and also are happy to commission custom pieces or sell work from the Mint Collection.

Book Mint for caricatures, live painting, and more at your upcoming event.