Mint Artists Guild

Our Impact

Mint Artists Guild transforms young aspiring artists by providing education, enrichment, and experience, resulting in earning opportunities, exposure, and mentorships that launch creative careers and lasting connections. Mint also infuses the community with art and creative experiences, supporting positive and healthy cultures.

Our first traveling exhibit is "Heroes: Now and Then" by Mint Artists Guild

In challenging times, the world needs more heroes. These small portraits were created by 12 Detroit youth, working for Mint Artists Guild during the pandemic. They are a small part of our summer of creative work and learning.

The show represents a diverse array of heroes, real and imaginary. And as the exhibit’s title implies, they may not be heroic every day. Occasional heroes and unknown heroes also deserve recognition. See then now with a timed ticket at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, through May 22.

Alexis Bagley Painting Titled 'RN'
"RN" painting by Alexis Bagley; © Mint Artists Guild 2020
Alexis Bagley - Mint artist and board member

View Mint's "Heroes: Now & Then" booklet by clicking here here.