Work with Us

alexis bagley image
Alexis Bagley has worked for the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program for three years, including two as a team leader. (Photo: Vickie Elmer)

Mint Artists Guild hires young creatives, emerging professionals and adults for a variety of roles. Mint is dedicated to full, fair and open opportunities for all and commit to equal employment opportunities, equitable hiring practices and transparency in hiring and pay. We’d love to have you as part of our program! Descriptions of various roles are outlined below.

Learn and Earn Program

This program teaches basic business and career skills and most artists are invited to show and sell their work at the Palmer Park Art Fair in June. It is open to visual artists ages 13 to 19, with priority given to high school age artists who live or go to school in Detroit. Youth from the suburbs, from Ann Arbor to Flint to Mt. Clemens, are also eligible, provided they have transportation to workshops and events in Detroit.

Artists must have a body of creative work they want to sell and demonstrate initiative and creative competence.  They submit examples of their work online and provide details of their volunteer work, successes and activities.

It’s a competitive program, chosen by a jury of creatives in February.  A second cohort may be invited in the fall. Check Mint’s social media for announcements and exact deadlines.

Workshops are held between late January and the end of May – approximately one a month at a variety of creative venues or digitally.  In between, artists receive digital information and e-letters and are expected to make and prepare their art work for sale at the Palmer Park Art Fair.  They must show initiative and responsibility.  For more advice on applying to Mint, read this blog post and this one.

Summer Creative

For summer creative jobs, Mint accepts applicants through Grow Detroit’s Young Talents. Young Detroit residents ages 14-24 are eligible and must apply by the end of April. (Sometimes we are able to add people in May so be in touch if you missed the deadline.) Youth must be 15-21 by June 15 to join Mint’s summer program.

After applying, please contact Mint director Vickie Elmer and share one piece of your work and why you want to work for us.  We will share dates of open interviews, which usually are held in April.  Bring along a list of references and samples of your creative work.

Youth who are selected to work for Mint in the summer must attend pre-employment training through GDYT. This takes place in May and June.  Young artists work 120 hours over a 6-8 week period Mint Artists Guild.

For more on our summer jobs program, please see these blog posts.

Lead Artists – Summer Arts & Crafts

We are seeking one lead artist to work with us this summer on youth-led arts and crafts in Detroit parks.

  • Project run in partnership with the Detroit Pistons and lasts 15 weeks.  
  • Need someone who loves children and is very organized and creative. 
  • Must have reliable transportation and plenty of fun art projects you will lead for families and children and youth.  Send your resume to by May 20.
  • Part-time (8-10 hours/week on Thursdays and Fridays)
  • Pay is $15-$18/hour, depending on experience.

Outreach / Art Installation

This is a part-time, temporary job that takes place about once a month in various neighborhoods. Must have some experience installing or hanging art. Ability to lift 50 pounds and good communications skills required.

Other hoped-for skills:

  • Friendly, outgoing and grateful.
  • Hard working, helpful, problem solver.
  • Dependable and organized.
  • Must be able to transport art to various places in Detroit.
  • Basic understanding of or experience with art packaging, preparing art to show, hanging, installation and display.
  • Desire to highlight Mint Artists and Mint art in local businesses and community.
  • Creative eye, careful with art hanging and placement.
  • Willingness to take on other work as needed.

A driver’s license and access to a car – yours, a friend’s or family members – will be important for this role. The outreach / art installer is paid $13 an hour for approximately 2-5 hours/week. Role could lead to other opportunities with Mint and/or its partners.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send an email with any required information (resume, role applying for, cover letter etc.) to