Summer Creative Jobs


Hire young creative, pay them and teach them to be productive, engaged workers.

Modeled partly after Boston-based Artists for Humanity, the summer jobs are intended to provide paid work experience, new creative skills – and an understanding of how to be a focused, productive employee and artist. Some may gain experience working directly with Mint clients; others learn a bit about how art fairs work. Learn more in this Q&A we prepared.

In 2016, Mint hired four young people through Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, the city’s summer youth employment program, who painted, created coloring pages and a short video, helped with a Little Free Library and spent a day working at the Belle Isle Art Fair. In 2017, we hired five young people and by 2019, we reached 10 young artists, including two from the University of Michigan Wolverine Pathways internship. Our goal is to continue to grow, even in a down economy.

Many of the paintings created by our summer workers are donated to an array of local charities through Mint’s Paint Detroit with Generosity campaign.

We are actively recruiting talented young artists and designers to work with us in the summer of 2020.  There's three main steps to being considered for a job with Mint:

  1.  Apply to and be sure to upload all the documentation required.
  2. Contact Mint and show up for an in-person interview, held in April in the Mint Studios in Palmer Park.  Bring work samples and a list of at least two references, teachers, former bosses, neighbors.
  3. If you are offered a job, commit to work with us for at least 110 hours in July and August and attend pre-employment training through GDYT.

Artists should have strong interest in creating work, but proficiency in painting is not required. We are glad to answer questions and share more information via email, or through social media.

If you are able to donate to our spring fundraiser and support this win-win-win program, we invite you to give starting May 3.

Apply to Mint's summer creative jobs on the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent website. Ages 14-24. Deadline is May 1.