Economic Impact

Mint changes young artists’ lives and sense of selves, building confidence and opening doors to new experiences and career choices. And Mint has an impact measured in dollars and in creativity shared.

See all of those here:

  • One artist sold 80 pieces and paintings at the Palmer Park Art Fair – her first time selling her work.
  • Mint Artists creative work has been on display or for sale at The Carr Center, SocraTea, startup Detroit Sip coffee shop, Hug Detroit Day, the Art of Resilience and other venues to support community and nonprofit organizations.
  • Mint Artists earned more than $4,500 in 2016 for summer jobs, gigs and other projects – and this tally excludes all the sales of their art.
  • The Mint Collection of teen art now exceeds 50 pieces of original art, after only two years.
  • Approximately 35 percent of Mint’s 2016 came from earned income. This counts projects for General Motors, the Sphinx Organization, artist sales commissions and greeting card sales.
  • Mint participated in 10 popups, events and exhibits in 2016.
  • Mint supports the Delta Sigma Theta Art Auction, which raises money for scholarships, by providing youth art.
  • Mint Artists averaged $435 each in art sales at the Funky Ferndale Art Fair.
  • In a survey after the 2015 proof of concept program, all eligible Mint Artists wanted to continue with the organization for a second year.

Click here to read the Mint 2016 success by the numbers post “Mint Artists: Success Data 2016.”

Are you a young artist who’d like to get involved? Read more about our programs and application process here.