Mint Artists Guild’s programs revolve around three principles: youth development, creative careers and entrepreneurship, and community service and collaboration in Detroit.

We borrow ideas from more established youth arts and employment organizations and invent our own when we see or hear of needs and opportunities. Though we are a 501c3 nonprofit, we are agile, creative and entrepreneurial. This means our programs change and grow regularly. Currently, they consist of our spring and fall Learn & Earn, our summer jobs, the Paint Detroit with Generosity initiative and Mint creative services.

Learn more about our programs.

Learn & Earn Program

The big idea for this program is to teach business skills to young artists and give them opportunities to sell. Learn more.

Summer Creative Jobs

The big idea for this program is to hire young creative, pay them and teach them to be productive, engaged workers. Learn more.

Paint Detroit with Generosity

The big idea for this program is to brighten charity spaces. Launch creative careers. Create a generous mindset. Learn more.

If you have a creative idea or project, contact us and we’ll develop something that taps our teen’s talents and meets your needs or vision.