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Residencies are considered in the disciplines of creative writing, visual arts, photography, sculpture, fiber arts, ceramics and music. Each residency is a one person opportunity of two weeks in duration. Artists who are selected are expected to commit to the full 14-day residency. Residencies are available to solo practitioners who are able to work independently. Residency proposals submitted by groups or collaborative teams of artists (more than one person) are not considered. Spouses and significant others may join selected residents only on the final Thursday of the residency, and visit until the resident’s Saturday morning departure date. The selection committee will consider requests in light of suitability for our present facilities. Artists who are chosen are expected to make a presentation to the community during their residency on the second Thursday evening of their stay. Artists may be asked, but will not be required, to donate to the GAAC one piece of work created during, or as a result of, their residency at the GAAC. Donated work will be added to the GAAC collection. Works in the collection become the property of the GAAC. In the event that GAAC decides to de-accession a work to contain the size of the permanent collection, GAAC reserves the right to auction/sell such work to generate funds to directly support the organization. The GAAC does not charge a residency fee. The only fee connected with this residency is a non-refundable $35 application fee. If you have been selected for a GAAC artist residency in the preceding three years, you are ineligible for a residency this year.