Artists 2023

These artists were hired in the spring of 2023 to work with the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program, run in partnership with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent. They are a diverse group of artists from Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. Read some of their short bios now, and see their work in the Paint Detroit with Generosity show at TechTown Detroit through January 2024.

Jessica Fligger was recognized as the outstanding youth leader in 2023. She is a freshman at University of Michigan, where she is majoring in architecture. In her fifth year with Mint, she served as leader of Team Watermelon Surprise and led a printmaking workshop for all our artists. Her Mint prints are large and small and her 2022 Paint Detroit with Generosity painting for Freedom House was one of our marquee images.

Jessica Fligger’s 2022 Generosity painting is promised to Freedom House Detroit.

Tamara Wilson lives very close to Mint Studios in Palmer Park, and attends Wayne County Community College, where she is focused on studio art.

Saliha Shah started as a henna artist in the Mint Learn & Earn program, then demonstrated her abilities to paint and create lithographs in our Creative Summer Jobs program. She created the colorful Paint Detroit with Generosity painting for Mittens for Detroit.

Artist Saliha Shah creates henna designs for adults and children. She sometimes incorporates henna into her paintings too. (Photo: Vickie Elmer)

Amaya Nard is a digital artist who adapted beautifully to painting in her first summer with Mint. Her Creative friends digital piece is a new Mint greeting card.

Joy Billups attends the School at Marygrove and spent one summer with Mint.

Dayana Juarez graduated from College for Creative Studies and in 2023, helped lead Mint’s STEAM art activities at the Roberto Clemente Recreation Center. She also is involved in Mint’s Art in the Parks and other teaching and children’s programs.

Zee Brown joined Mint’s Learn & Earn program as a digital artist and expressed interest in painting and more. She attends Cass Technical High School and created several coloring pages as part of her Mint Summer Job.

Team Sushi included Tamara Wilson and Briza Gonzalez, shown in front, and Saliha Shah, Jamela Lugo-Thomas, Ileana Bell, who was team leader, and Blanca Osario. (Photo: Vickie Elmer)

Aarya Lewis-El at 14, was our youngest artist in 2023, and now attends the School at Marygrove as a freshman. Her most important work was creating her Paint Detroit With Generosity painting for Brilliant Detroit.

Jamela Lugo-Thomas is a senior at College for Creative Studies, where she is majoring in film. In her first summer with Mint, she painted, created digital pieces and a few short videos including one that documented our first Trash to Treasure Day. She was chosen most improved artist in 2023.

Blanca Osario spent her first year in the Mint Creative Summer Jobs painting, including a piece for St. Patrick’s Senior Center. She now is a sophomore at Western International High School.

Masiah Glasker envisions a future as a hair stylist / entrepreneur and shared her ideas in Mint’s first business pitch competition in 2023. She attends Cass Technical High School and her Paint Detroit with Generosity painting is for the Detroit Repertory Theater.

JaKyvian Smith had her first summer job in 2023 with Mint. She aims to attend community college within the next year.

Briza Gonzalez in her first year with Mint, joined the arts and crafts team, helping with the STEAM art at Clemente. She created a few paintings about her Latina heritage and she attends Cass Technical High School.

Maleek Jackson was a first-year Mint Artist and attends Denby High School in Detroit.

Team Watermelon Surprise with Masiah Glasker, Dana Hanson (partially hidden), Jessica Fligger, Moumita Chawdhury and Zee Brown, show off their Trash to Treasure creation. (Photo: Vickie Elmer)

Moumita Chawdhury finished three summers with Mint Creative Summer Jobs and has two Mint greeting cards. She mastered face painting with Mint in 2023 and served as assistant leader of Team Watermelon Surprise. She attends Wayne State University and helped with our Art in the Parks program.

Patience Jackson spent a second summer in the Mint Summer Creative Jobs.

Skyy Campbell graduated from Western International High School in Detroit, and has been part of Mint for two years, helping with Art in the Park and other projects. She is interested in fashion design.

Bryanda Washington attends the University of Michigan and spent part of summer 2023, working on her portrait painting skills. One of them will be in Mint’s Influential Women of Michigan traveling exhibit.

Dana Hanson was recognized for her service and helpfulness to Mint and the other artists. She created a beautiful Paint Detroit with Generosity painting for the Detroit Windsor Dance Academy. Dana attends Detroit School of Arts high school.