We are excited to announce this giant leap forward: Mint Artists Guild now is a full fledged 501 © 3, certified by the IRS. We join the ranks of many dedicated youth arts organizations, including our successful big sister Artists for Humanity in Boston. 

This comes as we anticipate significant growth – and a fundraiser hosted by artist Donald Calloway on June 26. And because we’ve been working on so many other projects, our Paint Detroit with Generosity fundraiser still is unofficially open for your donations – at least for a few more days. Our 501 © 3 will last much much longer.

Our deadline for raising money for Mint’s startup and summer jobs program is just around the corner. We’ve already hired one young person to work for us – and hope to hire two more. So give today, whether it’s $10 or $100 or $1,000. The first paintings created this summer go to an array of Detroit nonprofit organizations.