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Quotable: artist Adwoa Muwzea

Artist Adwoa Muwzea with two of her prints.

“Residual income – that’s what I live for. You’re making money while you sleep.”  -artist and educator Adwoa Muwzea, at an Artist2Artist gathering in Detroit.

Artists earn “residual income” – also known as passive income – when they license their images or creativity for use by companies or individuals. Some examples: A company pays to put your popular image on a greeting card or T shirt.

Creating Beautifully lists many sites and ways artists may earn passive income.

For emerging artists, this could mean creating a limited edition print of your work, or licensing a piece of your art to a musician with an annual payment.  Greeting cards from your art sold at a gift shop also create passive income.  

Mint teaches business skills to emerging artists, and for licensing, you may need a lawyer or at least a licensing agreement / contract.  Learn more about the three forms of licensing in these posts from Digital Media Law Project.

-© Vickie Elmer, 2019, for Mint Artists Guild

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An abstract greeting card, supporting summer jobs

Mint Artists is adding a new greeting card to its collection – its fourth card based on teen art.

This high quality abstract card is based on a painting created by Mint summer worker Tulani Rose Pryor. Tulani was one of four young workers to be employed by Mint in 2016.

Greeting card sales support our youth development and creative careers programs. The cards will be available at all Mint events, starting with the Palmer Park Art Fair May 6 and 7. They also will be available in our online store.

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Apply for summer creative jobs in Detroit

Mint’s summer jobs team in 2016.


Mint Artists Guild hopes to hire more young artists to paint and create original work this summer. If we raise a few thousand dollars to support the summer creative jobs program, the young people – ages 16 to 20 – will be hired through Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, the city’s summer jobs program. Young people must live in the city of Detroit.

Deadline to apply is March 31 – and after applying, please let us know you’re interested in Mint!  (Drop a note to and tell us why you’re interested and what kind of art you make.)

Shown here are the 2016 summer jobs crew: Jaiona Head, Tulani Pryor, Johanan Larsosa and Alexis Bagley.

They created 19 paintings that Mint donated to local nonprofits through our Paint Detroit with Generosity campaign, including one that Alexis Bagley painted that’s in Mack Alive! permanent collection.


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Quotable: Super Business Girl

“I was able to build my own dreams. I’m still doing it.”

Asia Newson, the 13-year-old entrepreneur known as Super Business Girl, in a Forbes magazine feature.

Asia Newson

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Quotable: Cézanne Charles

I want creatives to be able to be paid and respected for their work.

Cézanne Charles of Creative Many, on what she hopes for in Detroit’s future. She spoke at a Detroit Creative Corridor Center event on the Saint Etienne Biennale. 

More money for artists! (Photo: MorgueFile)

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Grateful for space for Mint workshops

Mint Artists business and career workshops are held in an array of art galleries, creative businesses and cultural nonprofit workspaces. Last year, Mint met at Galerie Camille, shown, and a now closed gallery in Southwest Detroit. This year, we learn at Inner State Gallery and Mack Alive.

And The Carr Center in downtown Detroit hosts many Mint activities.

We are grateful to these galleries and organizations and their staffs for sharing their creative spaces with Mint and our teen artists.

Mint Learn & Earn artists, here’s the schedule for the four spring workshops:

Today (Feb. 25) – 1:30 – 3:45 pm

Saturday, March 18  10 am – 12:30

Saturday, April 8  – 1:30 – 4 pm

Saturday, April 22  – Timing and location TBD

Check your emails for locations and other details on these workshops. Or watch our private Facebook group for details.

If you own or manage an art gallery or creative business in Detroit and want to host a Mint Artists workshop, please contact our director Vickie Elmer.

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This message from President Barack Obama’s farewell address in Chicago was aimed at all Americans. He asks us to keep working on democracy, on listening to and respecting one another. And his message also is a call to action to artists and creatives, not to be dismayed or distracted by current events or corruption or crime, but to continue sharing stories and art.

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If I don’t have a deadline, I’m an artist and my artist brain is all over the place.

Detroit artist Marvalisa Coley, creator of the Happy Heads doll and brand, on why she writes down goals with deadlines – and a calendar nearby.
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Mint Artists is starting to collect creative internships and summer jobs that are available in and around Detroit. This one sounds like it’s pounded from sterling silver:

Smith Shop, a Detroit metalworking firm, is seeking a 35-hour a week intern to start in early 2017. Candidates must already know jewelry-making, black-smithing or hollow-ware. Interns are “encouraged to develop their own artistic work in off hours.”  The internship will last at least three months.

 Deadline to apply is Dec. 1. Details are available on Smith Shop’s website.  (Photos: Smith Shop)

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Beautiful spaces for meeting places

Mint Artists Guild’s board of directors meets in the most creative and beautiful spaces. In October, we gathered at Art in Motion, a creative shop on Livernois in Detroit.

We almost always have something tasty to eat – donated by board members, or other volunteers. The Mint board is comprised of artists and creatives, entrepreneurs and one emerging artist who has been active in Mint. Current board members include artist Hubert Massey, vice president; attorney Erika Davis, secretary; Walker Miller CFO Cornell Batie, treasurer, and Espacia Marie Fotiu, young artist.

We hope to add two new board members in coming months, one from business and one from the arts. Of course, we’re creatives so draw us a picture of someone else who belongs and we’re sure to be enthusiastic.

The board meets on average every other month and board members are actively engaged in Mint’s growth. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Vickie Elmer, Mint board president and executive director.  Email: