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Quotable: Saatchi’s Chelsea Jones

“To stand out, channel your individuality into your work.”
Saatchi Art curator Chelsea Jones in a post answering five questions from emerging artists. Among the artists who practiced this very well: Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist whose self portraits reveal a lot of her feelings and experiences.

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Quotable: artist Linda Buck

“What are you going to say about your work? Know what you’re about before you step in the booth.”

– artist Linda Buck, a Mint Artists co-founder, at a Mint workshop.  Linda creates hand colored clay tiles with architectural details. She has sold her work at a number of fine art fairs – and also through the DIA git shop.

Linda Buck’s clay tiles are hand made and colored.

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Grateful for space for Mint workshops

Mint Artists business and career workshops are held in an array of art galleries, creative businesses and cultural nonprofit workspaces. Last year, Mint met at Galerie Camille, shown, and a now closed gallery in Southwest Detroit. This year, we learn at Inner State Gallery and Mack Alive.

And The Carr Center in downtown Detroit hosts many Mint activities.

We are grateful to these galleries and organizations and their staffs for sharing their creative spaces with Mint and our teen artists.

Mint Learn & Earn artists, here’s the schedule for the four spring workshops:

Today (Feb. 25) – 1:30 – 3:45 pm

Saturday, March 18  10 am – 12:30

Saturday, April 8  – 1:30 – 4 pm

Saturday, April 22  – Timing and location TBD

Check your emails for locations and other details on these workshops. Or watch our private Facebook group for details.

If you own or manage an art gallery or creative business in Detroit and want to host a Mint Artists workshop, please contact our director Vickie Elmer.

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Mint & the golden doors

The Skillman Foundation in Detroit hosted Mint Artists for a strategic planning session. And during the break, we ended up out in the sunshine, standing by the golden door. Perhaps they were an omen of golden opportunities opening to us.

During our planning, we unearthed platinum opportunities for Mint’s growth including adding more partners.

Shown here are co-founder Mark Loeb, who created the Belle Isle Art Fair, and Y0nnie Breonna Collins and Espacia Fotiu, two emerging artists. Ms. Fotiu and Mr. Loeb both are on Mint’s board of directors.

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Mint is partnering with Art Road, another Detroit area nonprofit, to create original art in Edison Elementary School in Detroit  Mint Artists will create a painting backdrop on the theme ‘Detroit is” and work with the kids to create a collage of photos and other elements. Some of the work may be featured at Mercedes Benz Financial Services regional offices in May. This is what Mint likes – the win-win-win arrangement, and a beautiful and fun one too.

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We are so grateful to the volunteers who help us in myriad ways and places. Here a group from Kohl’s store delivered snacks to artists then staffed our crafts table. They were crafty themselves – and very kind. Mint posts its volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch – and we’re looking for people to help out during the Palmer Park Art Fair on May 5, 6 and 7th.

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Mint Artists presented this painting by Nur Shah to the engineers at the GM Tech Center who invited us to STEAM Day. So fun to give this just as the North American International Auto Show was gearing up in downtown Detroit. And we talked about new creative projects that we want to develop with General Motors.  Yes, our dreams are as big as a fleet of trucks!

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7 ways to go toward your goals

Aim high and see your goals. (Photo: Yukie Emiko / Unsplash)

Setting goals – or resolutions or intentions – give you a road map to where you want to go. Getting there, though, requires many more steps, and fuel and even a second driver.

At Mint’s Creative Goals workshop in December, a lot of smart strategies and steps were shared. Here are seven of our favorite:

+ Choose an accountability partner. This person must “get you” and also get after you if you’re not making progress, said Pamela Hilliard Owens, a Mint board member who owns three companies including one on marketing and branding for creatives.

+ Create a goals journal.  “Write it down,” said Trinity Brown, a 14-year-old jewelry maker and entrepreneur. She uses her journal for goals and also creative inspiration including song lyrics. One of her next goals: learn to solder.

+Set deadlines.  Projects without deadlines have a way of getting lost in our creative minds and busy lives, several people said. So establish a deadline when you establish a goal – and then work backward to create interim deadlines or “mile markers” to show you’re heading toward a goal, said Vickie Elmer, Mint’s president and a writer and editor.

+ Save money.  If you are serious about a career as an artist or musician or creative enterprise, you may need to work a day job for a while – and put aside funds to pursue your passion, said Marvalisa Coley, an artist who paints and makes dolls – and works in the airline industry.

+ Keep track of your small tasks.  “Keep things moving” with a to do list and sometimes finishing one of them will put you in a “creative groove,” said Coley.

+ Use the pomorodo technique. Get a timer and set it for 25 minutes. Then set aside everything else – social media, phone, magazines – and work on a project. Almost anyone can concentrate and work well for 25 minutes, said Hilliard Owens. After a five minute break,  start another pomorodo. Complete four of them, she said, and then reward yourself with a longer break – and a look at social media or email.

+ See and highlight your future.  Create a vision board or draw something that depicts your goal, or yourself after you’ve achieved a few goals. Use visualization, said Coley – and if your work will be sold at Target or Sotheby’s include those logos in the vision board.

Artists and creatives need to set and achieve goals – including some on how many sales at an event or how much money will be in your bank account by the end of the quarter.  Mint Artists believes that goals are crucial so we will share other insights and advice on goals in February.

© Vickie Elmer, 2017

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At Mint Artists Guild workshops, we teach creatives entrepreneurial skills – with artists and business people sharing expertise. And we empower our teen artists so in 2016, we added a “teens teaching teens” segment. Here, Damon Thomas AKA First Born shares some lessons he learned at the art fairs with Mint. 

Apply to Mint’s Learn & Earn program for 2017 by Jan. 23 and those who are selected may be invited to show and sell their work at the Palmer Park ART Fair in May. Apply online today!

 (Photo © Vickie Elmer)

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Apply for the 2017 Mint Learn & Earn team – and you could be accepted and learn a lot. And earn quite a bit too from the sale of your creative work at the Palmer Park Art Fair in May. Young artists ages 13 to 18 are invited to apply now by submitting three digital images and sharing some details. Early deadline is Dec. 29 and final deadline to apply is Jan. 23. Early applicants may be eligible for a pop up and other extras.