Mint Artists Guild is running a “beautiful win, win, win fundraiser” on Crowdrise. We expect to see many winners if we are successful in this crowd funding campaign including:

+ three teens, who will be hired for summer jobs and launch their creative careers.

+ Our charity partners, the 25 nonprofit organizations that will receive free original paintings made by those teens.

+ at least two neighborhood murals that will be finished with the help of Mint Artists.

+ Brightmoor Maker Space, which will be paid to build easels for Mint.

+ Mint Artists Guild, which will bake generosity into its DNA and pay for some start up costs and its 501© 3 filing.

+ Our donors, who watch ripples of generosity spread across Detroit and know they helped start them.

+ The people who visit the clinic, the homeless shelters, the charity offices where our paintings will hang.

We call the campaign Paint Detroit with Generosity and also the ‘beautiful win, win, win fundraiser’ since there are so many winners if we raise these funds.

Donations are welcome  and new nonprofit and business partners are welcome as well. If you want your charity to receive a painting and are located in Detroit or serve a Detroit audience, please contact Vickie Elmer, a Mint co-founder!