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Summer job with an art teacher

Mint art teacher / coach Jacquie Lane works with worker Alexis Bagley on mosaics. (Photo: Vickie Elmer)

Mint Artists Guild’s Creative Summer Jobs program teaches career skills, and particularly focus and productivity and managing several projects. Mint also teaches young Detroit artists to improve their paintings, and create mosaics and more.

For the art skills building, we turned to Jacqueline Edwards Lane, an art teacher extraordinaire who worked for Mint. She spent hours coaching our youth on the finer points of mixing acrylic paints, creating more realistic eyes, finishing mosaics and much more.

“Ms. Jackie,” as she was called this summer, spent most of her career teaching art to youth in Detroit. Her summer with Mint workers infused her with new energy to create more new work, drawn from the youthful energy and creativity of the Mint workers.

“They already bring a lot with their skills and their enthusiasm,” she said. And many of the workers, who range in ages from 14 to 21, started making art at 3, the same as their art coach. Hear more of her story and how it entwines with Mint’s in this new video.

Watch for details on the Paint Detroit with Generosity exhibit, to be held later this fall at the Fisher Building, where the fruit’s of Mint’s summer work and Ms. Jackie’s coaching will be available for all to see.

And if you wish to see Mint hire more youth – and donate more paintings to local nonprofits – in 2020, please become a monthly donor and support our nonprofit’s growth.

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Meet three Mint Artists and buy their work at Palmer Park

© Anne Kinney
© Trinity Brown

We are less than a month away from the Palmer Park Art Fair on June 1 and 2. And all our artists are working diligently to create work, plan their displays and prepare to show and sell their work during the juried boutique art fair

Palmer Park Art Fair is one of Mint’s two largest events of the year – and we invite you to attend.

So to whet your appetite, we have a series of blog posts that introduce the 13 or so artists who will be in our group tent.  Here’s three artists to start:

Trinity Brown creates wire wrapped jewelry using copper and sterling silver wire and semi precious stones. She has been active with Mint for several years and now serves on our board of directors. (Read her advice to artists on preparing for a big event in our blog.)

Anne Kinney is new to Mint, and she paints beautiful florals using water color, and sometimes pastels, charcoal or other mediums. She attends Clawson High School and has been an active volunteer, helping out at craft shows and more.

Alexis Wright attends Cass Technical High School and intends to go to Wayne State University in the fall. She works in digital art and acrylic painting. Alexis created the popular marbled paper at our youth-led art workshops.

These three artists and another 10 are working hard to prepare for their first fine art fair,  or in Trinity’s case her 10th plus. So please meet them in person and support their creative entrepreneurship on June 1 or 2!

© Alexis Wright
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Make the most of your job interview: Interview tips for emerging creatives

If you’re searching for a creative summer job, with Mint Artists or elsewhere, get ready for job interviews. 

 These may be nerve wracking or thought provoking, frustrating or fruitful. And they are generally one key to landing a job. There’s plenty of research and advice available on job search and job interviews, some of it written by me for Fortune magazine or The Washington Post.

Most of that advice focuses on adults. This advice is aimed at young people, ages 14 to 21, who are seeking a meaningful summer job.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.   Read the organization’s website, blog and social media posts a day or two before your interview. Check LinkedIn and professional association websites too. This will help you ask good questions during the interview – and answer a likely question: Why do you want to work here?   Hint: Find something you like, and be honest. But don’t say you want to earn money, that’s not a great answer, according to The Balance Careers.  Choose your clothing ahead of time (and go more professional and net, even for creative jobs) and select a notebook to take with you.

Practice your answers.  Mock interviews or speed interviews are worthwhile, or ask your favorite aunt to ask some interview questions. Be prepared for some offbeat questions, especially if you’re going after a creative job in a creative organization. (I’ve been known to ask candidates about their super power or what fruit they most identify with.) Review and prepare for the most common interview questions, such as this list from job search giant Indeed. It’s especially helpful to know what you will say about your best skills and strengths and your weaknesses and to practice for those tell me about how you solved a problem or rescued a project inquires. 

Connect with the interviewer.  Find out who you will interview with, and read up on them, their causes and interests. See what they share on social media, and review their professional background on LinkedIn. Jot some notes in that notebook you’re bring. And prepare a question about their career or experiences that shows you did the homework.  

And a final piece:  Listen carefully during your interview and jot notes. Your body language shows you are attentive and engaged, so drink plenty of coffee or an energy drink ahead of time and don’t slouch or avert your eyes. Smile, for research shows it helps in getting hired, except if you are interviewing for a serious job. And follow these other listening tips from .

If you are interested in interviewing for a summer job with Mint Artists, you must live in Detroit, be ages 14 to 21 and register with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent.

Our 2020 interviews are scheduled for April 7, 18 and 23 in the Mint Studios in Palmer Park. Or contact us if you cannot attend that day.

© Vickie Elmer, 2019, for Mint Artists

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Join Mint’s Learn & Earn – deadline this week

If you want to share your art with the world – and sell it to art collectors and lovers – it’s time to join Mint Artists Guild.
Emerging artists ages 14 to 20 who are not in college full time are invited to apply to the Mint Learn & Earn program. Deadline to apply is midnight Thursday, Sept. 27.
Apply online by submitting some of the best samples of your creative work and tell us about yourself.
Artists who are selected will be notified by Oct. 5 and may join Mint at some of our holiday pop ups and events.

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This new video about Mint came from the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, its executive director and founder Satori Shakoor and producer Don Wellman of 248Pencils. We are so grateful! 

Watch it to meet three of our teens and hear a sliver of our story. Then if you feel moved, please donate to our campaign and help Paint Detroit with Generosity! Or if you want to meet 15 emerging artists, join us on Saturday or Sunday at the Palmer Park ART Fair.