Career advice from creative Detroiters, part 1

photo of graffiti art

Detroit is home to a growing number of creative entrepreneurs who build businesses and chase their dreams.

Some also love art and artists or work as artists creating murals, sculpture, paintings, collage and more. Here’s career advice from three of them:

“Bet on yourselves. If you have a vision, if you have a dream, if you have an idea, take it to the next step, and the first step would be to bet on yourselves.” — Karissma Yve, a jeweler who developed GildForm. GildForm offers on-demand jewelry manufacturing with a pay-as-you go plan. Her quote comes from a Crain’s Detroit Business career advice piece offering quotes and insights from several 2022 40 Under 40 awardees.

“Don’t wait to be invited…. Create as much exposure for yourself as you can .” Misha McGlowan, also known as Omo Misha, a curator, artist and writer affiliated with Irwin House Gallery She spoke to the Mint Creative Summer Jobs youth in 2022.

If you lack motivation, “sketch or draw anything to get going,” – Carole Morisseau, an accomplished artist who created the mixed media Healing Wall during the worst of the covid-19 pandemic. She also spoke to the Mint Summer Jobs program in 2021, where she said: “I’ve very very frugal. I have figured out how to get paint back in the tube.”

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copyright Vickie Elmer, 2022, for Mint Artists Guild; photo Creative Commons