Creative sites to help land your next creative job

Make your move into a creative job this year.

Add yourself to an ad agency, go for graphic design gigs with gusto – or swoop into a artist studio assistant job.

The job market is hot and candidates with skills may be choosy about where they want to work. This may be more true for cybersecurity experts than artists, musicians and photographers. But with more gig work and remote work, opportunities are plentiful in many creative fields.

So sign up for alerts from Indeed, which Mint has used to recruit for our Creative Summer Jobs program. And establish a profile on LinkedIn, where Mint shares information and updates.

Then select one or two of these specialized sites for your creative career search:

Behance. This site, owned by Adobe for almost a decade, is best known for offering creative digital portfolios. Profiles remain free and all are public view. It also has a jobs section that lists hundreds of jobs for graphic designer, video editors and more. Jobs are full-time, freelance and internships; they are searchable based on many specialties.

Creative Circle. This recruiting / staffing company focuses on design, content, marketing and project management roles, temporary, freelance and full-time. It posts jobs for infographic artist, motion graphics artist and so much more, and many of them are remote. Creative Circle does not charge candidates fees; that means employers are its paying clients.

Creatively. This site launched in May 2020 and offers jobs from fashion giants, media and food and beverage companies. Creatively allows users to search for remote jobs and freelance or full- or part-time roles, mostly in companies. Users, who include me, create profiles and share projects. It appears to be free for creatives.

Spend time almost every day on your job search. This guide to creative jobs sites is a good starting point. (Photo: Photo: Mateus Campos Felipe / Unsplash)

FlexJobs. This niche jobs site, founded in 2007 by a pregnant mom-to-be, always focuses on flexible and remote work, with hundreds of IT, health care and project management jobs. And FlexJobs has a robust section for art and creative jobs. However, job seekers need to buy membership to learn all about jobs and access other features. Cost: $24.95 a month or $59.95 a year.

Upwork. Upwork is a mega-site used by big companies and individuals to connect with freelance talent. Individuals create profiles and show their expertise and price range for services. It is a highly competitive marketplace and requires time to get started. Yet it offers jobs in a wide variety of creative areas. Read this post and this longer one giving advice to succeed on Upwork. Upwork has a free starter membership, which I use, and charges freelancers a sliding fee of 5 to 20 percent on most of what you earn through the site.

Search for local job sites too, which may be connected to marketing or advertising professional organizations such as local chapters of the American Marketing Association or regional arts organizations, including Springboard for the Arts and New York Foundation for the Arts. (In Metro Detroit, check out jobs posted on Adcrafters, an advertising professional group, and CultureSource, which represents arts and cultural nonprofit orgs.)

We plan to add a few more sites and resources from the hundreds of sites that serve many audiences and niches. So if you have a favorite creative job search site to share, please add it in a comment or send it to us.

Post: © Vickie Elmer, 2022 for Mint Artists Guild. Lead photo: Marten Newhall / Unsplash