Cherry Happy l Mint print


This cheerful cherry print honors the fruit grown throughout Michigan. It also celebrates happiness and our connections to one another.


This cheerful limited edition linoleum cut print honors our Michigan cherries, grown in several regions in the state, and also the notion that fresh fruit will make us happy. It also celebrates community since cherries grow in clusters.

It was created by Alexis Bagley, a Cass Tech alumni who has worked for Mint for three summers. It is signed and numbered by the artist who calls it “I’m Cherry Happy.” Alexis also created our beautiful Aretha Franklin and Abstract Arrow pieces, and serves on Mint’s board of directors.

Each print is handmade in the Mint Studios in Palmer Park and framed in an up cycled frame. This one is 5 inches by 7 inches including the metal frame. Others measure 9 inches by 11 inches.

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