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Please donate this week so Mint may add new workshops – and start to fund the 2017 summer creative jobs and Paint Detroit with Generosity initiative. Give $10 or $100 or whatever amount you choose. Give online or mail us a check: PO Box 21667 Detroit, MI 48221.  

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Thank you to all Mint supporters

It’s that time of year when charities bombard people with requests for support. We want you to give to Mint – money or art supplies, time and talents and dessert all welcome.  Yet we want to show appreciation for so many people who helped us through our first year. Among them are two volunteer groups from Kohl’s – the Roseville and the Troy stores – and a group from Quicken Loans.

My friends Bernie and Stephanie gave generously, and so did several members of the Loeb family and Yvette and Josh. My board of directors gave a lot of time and talents – thanks Erika, Mark, Hubert, Espacia, Linda, Cornell, Pam for helping us co-found and grow Mint Artists Guild.

We also appreciate the hand painted signs created by Moth, Maddie Teece, and the extra painting Nur Shah and Breonna ‘Yonnie’ Collins live painted for Mint this year.

Thanks too to those who gave us food or drink: Absopure, Kind, Detroit Stew, Mity Nice, Traffic Jam and Snug, SocraTea, Avalon Breads and Zingerman’s. (It takes a lot to keep hungry teen artists happy and well fed.)

Kohl’s Cares team helps Mint at the Belle Isle Art Fair.
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Giving Tuesday, join us for tea

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Giving Tuesday is a special day, when Americans who have shopped all weekend take time to donate to a worthy cause.  It’s a warm day, and one that encourages generosity and community.

So Mint Artists will spend the afternoon of Nov. 29 – one week from today – at SocraTea in Midtown Detroit, a place that generously gave us an exhibit earlier this year.  We hope to connect with you from 2-5 p.m. – and may give away a few things as well as accept donations.  (If you cannot join us for a cup o tea, you also are welcome to donate online or mail us a check to PO Box 21667 Detroit, MI 48221.)

Mint Artists builds confidence, business and life skills – and community. Our artists become better problem solvers and more engaged and generous citizens, as several of our artists will show.

Please join us for Giving Tuesday – and keep our creative futures engaged and growing.

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Mint Artists Guild will participate in Giving Tuesday – as a giver and as a charity recipient.  We will spend part of the day connecting with generous people at SocraTea in Midtown Detroit.

And we need volunteers to help spread the word, to provide “matching donations” and to invite people to visit us that day.  Yes Mint Prints and more will be given away on November 29.  If you’d like to join us, contact Mint Artists today: or via VolunteerMatch where we post most of our volunteer opportunities and openings.

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Mint Artists is excited to share the paintings that will then be given to the City Year, Coalition on Temporary Shelter, Junior Achievement, Ruth Ellis Center and more. The exhibit opens Thursday, Sept. 8 at The Carr Center downtown, from 6 to 9 p.m.  Join us in celebrating generosity and creativity.

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Our deadline for raising money for Mint’s startup and summer jobs program is just around the corner. We’ve already hired one young person to work for us – and hope to hire two more. So give today, whether it’s $10 or $100 or $1,000. The first paintings created this summer go to an array of Detroit nonprofit organizations.

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We want to encourage generosity in Detroit – so we’re practicing it in our fundraiser.

Anyone who gives $20 or more receives a Mint card – ‘starry, starry night.’ We have art pieces too for those who give $100 or $313.

And for those who are really generous, live a lot. Tour The Whitney – or tour Motor City Brewing or Detroit Bikes! We call these our ‘Inside Creative Detroit’ series of appreciation gifts. Seriously beautiful and part of the win, win, win approach to our fundraising efforts. 

Then we will turn around and donate paintings, created by Mint artists, to 25 local nonprofits including Junior Achievement, Mosaic Youth Theatre, the Ruth Ellis House and many others.  Generosity really could grow like mint in Detroit.

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Mint tea and generosity today. We served #chocolate #mint and mint #tea and gave away grown in Detroit dried mint to guests. Sweet time! #detroit #generosity #winwinwin #teapot #red (at SocraTea)