Wish list for young artists, 2024 edition

Our wish list this year is more focused on art supplies and materials that we really will need for the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program and for our free arts and crafts for families. So please browse and buy for us so we can support creative children and youth:

  • 8 x 10 inch canvases, used for artist self portraits and more
  • larger stretched canvases, especially 18 x 24 inches
  • table easels and full-size easels
  • Origami paper
  • mosaic grout
  • paper towels
  • clean rags
  • child-friendly wipes, to clean up children’s and adults hands after crafts
  • glitter glue
  • water color paint kits
  • acrylic paints, especially those in tubes or containers of 8 ounces or less
  • varnish for paintings, such as Grumbacher
  • Lyft or Uber gift cards, to give artists’ rides home

We also have a wish list at Target that includes many of these items. Wee welcome you to buy from indie shops such as Arts & Scraps or a garage or estate sale too – and deliver to Mint’s Studio – or just make a donation, if that’s easier.