Mint’s big wish list for 2021

Mint is planning for a big, beautiful summer, with 17 to 19 youth working with us and more free arts and crafts offered than any time in our history.

So our wish list for this year is big and beautiful too. It includes art supplies for the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program, craft supplies for our arts and crafts and and some items for our studio in Palmer Park.

This year, we are starting to develop a library of books about artists and art styles and the art world, so any books that will inform or inspire our youth are welcome.

And this year, for the first time, we have a wish list on Amazon  if you want to donate and do not live in or near Detroit. If you are in metro Detroit, we hope you will support local art supply stores such as our friends Arts & Scraps or else independent Green’s Art Supply or Martin’s Universal Design in Detroit.   Maybe you will select items in your closet or  pick them up at estate and garage sales and donate them to us.

Here’s our 2021 wish list:

  • art and business of art books
  • artist sketchbooks
  • stretched canvas – especially 8 x 10 inches; 11 x 14 inches or 18 x 24 inches, though any sizes are welcome
  • varnish for paintings, such as Grumbacher
  • oil based ink
  • acrylic and oil paints, smaller tubes and containers
  • Rives printing paper
  • gum arabic
  • paper towels, 15 rolls
  • crayons and colored pencils – for children’s arts and crafts
  • glitter and / or glitter glue – for children’s arts and crafts
  • easels and table easels
  • small hardwood boards for mosaic making
  • A coat rack
  • Tall metal or wood shelves for art to dry on
  • A water cooler and three large bottles of water
  • Gift cards to Aldi, Meijer, Costco, local supermarkets for snacks and supplies
  • Gift cards to movie theaters or local coffee shops such as Bikes & Coffee (a new Mint supporter), Cafe 1923, Chazzano or Detroit Sip – to give as rewards to exceptional youth artists

Some of the gift cards may become part of our prize package for the Metro Detroit Youth Arts Competition or used later this fall too.

Of course, if it’s easier, please just donate to Mint and we will buy art supplies ourselves!

(Photo: Agence Olloweb / Unsplash)


  1. […] Mint relies on this spring fundraiser to support our efforts to give back through jobs – including two teaching artists and two team leaders for the summer – and in community art and so much more. So please donate now in any amount that you are able. (Or if it’s easier give us art supplies or more from our wish list.) […]

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