Wish list for young artists, 2024 edition

Our wish list this year includes more arts and arts and craft supplies.

Six ways to plan for artists’ care during an art fair

Mint Artists Guild is going to the art fairs again this year – starting with Palmer Park Art Fair this weekend. We will set up at the Belle Isle Art Fair in early August, the Funky Ferndale Art Fair in September and some pop up art events in between. We spend a lot of timing getting ready for these fairs, …

Henrietta Lacks’ story becomes important part of Mint’s Hero journey

  [space_20] Some stories last and last and grow, and Henrietta Lack’s life and contributions to science is one of them. Yet for many years, despite her significance to health researchers, her story was ignored or untold or masked. Lack, a mother who grew up on a Virginia tobacco farm, suffered cervical cancer. She sought treatment at Johns Hopkins Medical …

Mint Alumni Ackeem Salmon, artist, art teacher and so much more

Mint Alumni Ackeem Salmon creates mixed media and photographs, art directs, teaches art to Detroit students. He is exploring his roots and his future simultaneously.

Stick with us for beautiful stickers and holiday gifts

Mint is launching a line of stickers, based on original youth art. They are meant to inspire faith, beauty, hope and generosity.

Why Will Langford believes in our new Youth Arts Competition

[space_20] When we leap into something new and big, it helps to bring along an optimist and a make-magic-happen person like Will Langford. Known as Will The Poet, he has a history of helping Mint and our young artists. And he also served as the voice of Michigan State University’s “Empower Extraordinary” campaign. He will use his positive energies and …

Start boosting your productivity with advice from mega-artist Hubert Massey

Smart advice on productivity and creativity from Mint cofounder / artist Hubert Massey.

Meet Mint Artists jeweler and board member Trinity

Trinity Brown learned wire wrapping herself while on a break from dancing, following tips on a YouTube video.  She had had surgery on her back for scoliosis. She started doing shows at 13 and soon joined Mint, the youngest artist to start in our Learn and Earn program.   She is a senior at University High School Academy in Southfield, …

Meet Mint’s new marketing intern Journey

She smiles and creates videos and digital art. Learn more about our new marketing intern.

Summer job with an art teacher

Ms. Jackie created more art – and better art from our youth – this summer, as she coached Mint’s Creative Summer Jobs team.