Creative sites to help land your next creative job

Want to land a wonderful, creative job or freelance gig this year? Check out these sites that focus on creative work.

Be a better mentor as you help advance or launch careers

Follow our advice to become a better mentor.

How Mint created two beautiful new Detroit debit cards

Artists commissions require planning and teach lessons. Learn some of ours.

More questions to cultivate as the new year approaches

Use these great questions as you reflect on the year leaving and the one launching.

Meet Mint marketing intern Sydney Catton, who is cooking up new campaigns

She spent two and a half years living near Palmer Park, and first crossed paths with Mint Artists Guild at the Palmer Park Art Fair. She impressed us with her commitment to creativity and community as well as her varied marketing experience and for many coffee and tea shops. So we hired Sydney Catton as our marketing intern for 2020-2021. …

Three beautiful questions creatives may ask and answer now

[space_20] The world is filled with uncertainty and questions. Lots of questions and more questions. Many of them are irrelevant or lead to nothing but fear and dead ends. Some, though, may help you see the path ahead, your future career or your most valuable contribution. Questions power the growth of Google and the brilliance of Albert Einstein and the …

Sydney G. James’ big, excellent advice for emerging artists

Sydney G. James believes in creating more and bigger work. “If you take a job for 50 cents or $5 million, the work should be identical. That’s your currency,” she told the Mint Artists this summer. Read more advice from this Detroit powerhouse artist.

Power and beauty and impact of a summer job

Picture a summer job and you may imagine something quaint and outdoorsy:  a life guard, camp counselor, caddy or park attendant. Or perhaps you recall your first summer job scooping Italian ice, mowing lawns or fixing fast food.   Yet for many teens, paid work is more likely to be imaginary than real, despite many benefits these jobs bring.  Only about …

Create hundreds of pieces and share your humanity, 1xRun cofounder advises emerging artists

Jesse Cory of 1xRun advises aspiring artists to know your why and share your story.

Why we are doubling up on creative youth this year

Mint’s spring fundraiser will support our Lucky 13 aspiring artists and so much more goodness.