Wish list for young artists, 2024 edition

Our wish list this year includes more arts and arts and craft supplies.

Mint’s creative and colorful wish list

Mint’s wish list this year is heavy on arts and crafts materials.

Mint’s wish list for 2022

As we continue to grow and bring on more youth artists in the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program, we continue to need more art supplies. This year, we expect to hire up to 20 youth artists, plus we will work with five interns from Wolverine Pathways and The Urban Alliance. This translates to a lot of granola bars, snacks and …

Mint’s big wish list for 2021

UPDATED SEPT. 15 Mint is planning for a big, beautiful year, and we hired 20 youth over the summer, and offered  working with us and So our wish list for this year is big and beautiful too. It includes art supplies used up for the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program, craft supplies for our arts and crafts and and some …

Mint’s spring wish list – art supplies and so much more

    [space_20]      We wish for a meaningful and beautiful summer. And with this summer wish list, you could help us achieve it for Mint Artists Guild and our Lucky 13 artists.       The Lucky 13 will work for us creating paintings for our Paint Detroit with Generosity initiative as well as prints and our first …